The Zamora Terán Foundation works with six components that facilitate the development of a comprehensive and sustainable educational program. Along with this, design, implementation and monitoring of projects are developed to strengthen educational processes put in place and expand coverage to reach more children in the region

With this scaffold, we provide students and teachers with training and workshops as well as with technical maintenance and support to our educational device.

Thanks to the Volunteers in Action program, we have the support of youth committed to education. They go through a training process to prepare them better to enter the work force.

All these components have enabled the exemplary implementation of the “One Laptop Per Child” Educational Program by strengthening teachers’ work, supporting parents but particularly, by joining efforts with donors and volunteers to support quality education for children

Become a Volunteer

The Zamora Terán Foundation Volunteer Program “Volunteers in Action” focuses on recruiting and ongoing training of youth from different organizations and universities.

Joined in by the willingness and disposition to collaborate with children’s education, they strengthen the implementation of the “One Laptop Per Child” Educational Program. They are volunteers in training, educational, technical support and community action.

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