ZTF Principles

We have succeed in building a relevant educational model which meets the needs of each community, that has been recognized both at national and international level.


As part of the implementation of a comprehensive educational program, the Zamora Terán Foundation helps to prepare school teachers and principals through workshops, training and pedagogical ongoing support. Additionally, it develops the School for Parents, prepares monitor students and has a training session for volunteers.

One to One Model

An educational tool provided to each child. Hence, learning becomes personalized and at the pace required by the student. The student can take the device home, which allows keeping using the resources this tool offers outside the regular class time. Likewise, family and friends have access to technology.

Geographical Concentration

The “One Laptop Per Child” Educational Program benefits students from 1st to 6th grade in schools where it is implemented. Consequently, children have the opportunity to become part of the transformation process. The learning process collaboratively built in school, the community and the digital city that is being created by benefitting more schools in the same geographical area.

Early childhood education

The educational device and its contents are designed for children 6 to 12 years old. It is during this stage that significant changes occur in their mental, psychological and cognitive development that will affect their lives.

Internet Connection

Together with the community, we provide for the connectivity needed in schools for students and teacher to have access to a new window to the outside world through the Internet. In this way, children learn to interact with the digital, virtual and global world.

Free software use and application

Students use a free, open operating system suitable to their local context and relevant to their needs.