The Zamora Terán Foundation designs, implements and monitors projects that enable expanding the “One Laptop Per Child” Educational Program coverage to enhance quality education for children.

The development area prepares quarterly and annual evaluation reports on these projects reflecting qualitative and quantitative progress towards fulfillment of established goals.


The Zamora Terán Foundation has a communication strategy and a social media plan in order to show the progress on the “One Laptop Per Child” Educational Program and the various initiatives the organization undertakes, and to get feedback from direct and indirect beneficiaries.

As part of the communication strategy, news monitoring linked to the Foundation and its fields of work is carried out.


The Zamora Terán Foundation works in joining efforts through donors and fundraising activities to help to the sustainability of the “One Laptop Per Child” Educational Program.

Likewise, it keeps permanent contact with donors who make possible that thousands of children receive the educational devices that help them in their education, informing them about the impact of the program in the benefited schools.