Ongoing Teacher Training

We empower school teachers and principals as leaders of change in schools in order to break traditional education patterns and student has more opportunities to become the protagonist of his/her own learning through innovative and flexible methodologies incorporating the computer as a learning tool.

The educational area of the Zamora Terán Foundation develops the teachers training processes and pedagogical advice in the participant schools. It is composed by professionals in education called educational officers or advisors.

One of the cornerstones of the success of the “One Laptop per Child” Educational Program is the pedagogical advice in the classroom. This produces a friendship bond between each officer or advisor and the teacher and the school principal. It is an essential space that offers planned, ongoing, contextual, interactive and respectful advice to the knowledge acquired by teachers and schools principals to improve students’ learning, teachers’ performance and school management quality.

It should be noted that, from our view, accompaniment is not a simple external advice focused on technical-pedagogical aspects. It is based on developing people’s skills and attitudes, where personal and professional relationships of trust, empathy, horizontality and exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge are fostered to improve the skills and abilities of professional development of teachers to enhance the quality of learning in students.

Strategies are the set of actions taken to ensure the fulfillment of our objectives.

Strategies promoted from the educational area:

• Monthly visits for support in the classroom and pedagogical advice to school teachers and principals
• Training workshops based on the ZTF educational modules
• Circles of Learning
• Monitor Teachers Program
• Monitor Students Program
• Educational Strengthening Program
• School for Parents
• Administration Management Program in person and virtual modalities.
• Educational Website containing resources for teachers
• Design and implementation of Community School Projects