Volunteer Program

Volunteers in Action

The Zamora Terán Foundation Volunteer Program “Volunteers in Action” focuses on recruiting and ongoing training of youth from different organizations and universities.

Joined in by the willingness and disposition to collaborate with children’s education, they strengthen the implementation of the “One Laptop Per Child” Educational Program. They are volunteers in training, educational, technical support and community action.

The Zamora Terán Foundation volunteering is characterized by directly involving volunteers in the Foundation’s activities and jointly implementing the programs designed by the organization.


Volunteers in Action directly involve in the implementation of the “One Laptop Per Child” Educational Program through different areas of support: educational, technical, impact and marketing evaluation.

The Training Plan has three basic principles: self-development (development of values and knew knowledge, skills and abilities), commitment (take responsibility and commitment with the mission of the organization) and collaboration (with volunteers, students, teachers, parents and the community).


The Volunteer Program develops from the Strategy “One to One”, consisting of one volunteer per each school grade to strengthen teacher training and the proper implementation of the “One Laptop Per Child” Educational Program.

Currently, forty-two youth collaborate with this strategy, some of them with teacher training and periodic visits to schools and others with extra-curricular activities with students.

Technical support

The “One Laptop Per Child” Educational Program does not conclude with the computer delivery but performs a thorough monitoring to child’s development and the use he/she makes of the device. The technical area gets involved through officers and volunteers from Information Systems and Computer Science Engineering Schools from different universities to ensure their proper functioning.

Each year, more than one hundred volunteers directly involve in the technical area for maintenance and repair of each of the laptops delivered across the country.


The Zamora Terán Foundation develops community campaigns from the Volunteer Program, emphasizing the work performed in the Caribbean Coast with the “Being from the Coast is…” campaign, which was about painting a wall in the city of Bluefields where residents could write in their different languages what does it mean to be from the coast as a way of strengthening their identity and engaging the community in school activities.

Volunteers in Action reinforce communities’ commitment to education and ownership of the “One Laptop Per Child” Educational Program.