ZTF Educational Model

Today’s society is characterized by a widespread use of technology in all human activities. It calls people for new personal, social and professional skills to face the ongoing changes that rapid advance in science and the new “information society” mark upon all spheres.

The Zamora Terán Foundation helps to improve the quality of education in the region by providing each children and teacher with a learning tool. In addition, we foster ongoing training strategies for teachers, school principals, students and parents, thus promoting the development of life competency-based learning that respond to the international standards recommended by UNESCO

When referring to competency-based learning, what interests us is that teachers and students benefitted with the educational program are professionals able to respond to the complex demands of society, who can perform various tasks properly. This process involves a combination of knowledge, skills, abilities, aptitudes, values and emotions regarding to Learning to Know, Learning to Do and Learning to Be, to effectively undertake actions.

From this perspective, we seek to:

  • Promote constructive and creative learning processes in children.
  • Ensure educational progress using learning strategies suitable to children’s specific characteristics and conditions.
  • Establish dynamic interaction with parents and the community, including government and nongovernment organizations to foster mutual benefit that results in changes that favor local development.
  • Create, in terms of social, economic and cultural aspects, an environment of equal opportunities for students.
  • Integrate the XO computers as an innovative tool to produce in students and teachers meaningful learning.
  • Encourage critical thinking in discerning timely and accurate information originated from information and communication technologies.
  • Influence the development of skills and abilities in the face of educational change and innovation in the classroom.

Knowledge, skills and abilities combined result in competences with an immediate impact on the development of people in different areas of life.