About us


Fundación Zamora Terán is an organization inspired by childhood and passionate about the future.  We want to help train children in the region with the highest standards of educational quality, through the permanent development of training processes and teacher support, bringing each student and teacher technological tools that allow them to facilitate learning, implementing sustainable infrastructure in  each school.  We want to help build the future of the region.

We know that we can implement educational programs of excellence that benefit the largest possible number of primary school students by integrating technology into educational processes, always counting on the support of different sectors of society, since good education is a integral process and therefore we believe in powerful alliances as an engine of social change.

Central America is our home.  History, geography, economy and affection unite us, that’s why we work from Guatemala to Panama and the Dominican Republic.  We are where children need us to work for them with the help of companies, cooperation agencies and people who share our values.

Our team

The Zamora Terán Foundation team is noble, inspiring and supportive.  This group of young professionals knows that their work transforms lives, education and the future of children.  Get to know them!

Lesly Ramos

The work we do at the Zamora Terán Foundation is a unique opportunity to become protagonists of the educational transformation of our country and the region. I dream that all Latin American children have access to quality education in order to achieve social progress. A good coffee or a good wine, plus the right company, make for a perfect afternoon!

Doña Chayito (Rosario Molina)

I am an optimistic woman that enjoys helping the youth and all people. I love being part of this labor. I enjoy reading, serving others, and learning new things every day.

Sheyla López

Nicaraguan from soul, mind, and heart. I adore meeting new places every day in each corner of our country through field trips we plan. I love making part of a team that is highly compromised with service to others.

Hellen Mejía

I am a passionate woman, especially for life and numbers. I love being very structured in everything I do from day to day. Through my job, I am part of this dream, which is offering quality education to all boys and girls in the region.

Félix Garrido

I am Nicaraguan with a Costa Rican passport. I have served for more than 35 years for the education of Central America from distinct fronts, renewing everyday my passion and compromise to achieve more and better educational opportunities for the children of our countries.

Ezer Calderón

I never thought I could find in the same place a vocation of service, love, passion, dedication, and commitment. All this I have found in my Foundation. I declare myself passionate about quality education, for transforming the lives of the most vulnerable, and for serving my country and the region through my educational work.

César Rodríguez

I work for a quality public education for all children, for an inclusive, democratic and interconnected educational ecosystem. People are the best agents of change that our societies need and I am convinced that investing in quality education is the best lever to achieve it.

Geisel Barahona

I am passionate about Mathematics, Physics and family. I have enjoyed teaching at almost every level. I consider myself fun and friendly, with innovative and even creative flashes. Responsibility and constant academic preparation are essential elements for me in the professional field.

Jorge Ordóñez

I am an outgoing and cheerful person. I enjoy traveling and getting to know new places. I like to take advantage of every moment with my family and friends. I do what I am passionate about professionaly because it focuses on being part of the change for society, working with the children who are the present and future of our country.

Mariela Quiroz

I come from a beautiful little town in Honduras where I learned to relate to nature and to enjoy it. I am a teacher out of love and conviction. I love freedom and dream of the day when injustice and impunity will be banished and our future generations will have a promising future.

Ileyn Bolaños

I feel that our work gives us the opportunity to leave a grain of sand in this world to improve the education of children. I firmly believe that education is the most powerful weapon we can have and offer. I really enjoy community work and love reading, dancing, watching movies, and listening to music.

Nayiri Urbina

I love helping others, that is why I love my job. I always do my best and I want to learn from all the people around me. I’m convinced that only by working together we will be able to make our little ones the leaders we want for the future.

Heriberto Méndez

I always dreamt of becoming a profesional. Since elementary school I calculated the year in which I would obtain my university degree and I opted for systems engineering. My true vocation is to serve children and contribute to their education. The work we do at FZT has left an invaluable seed in the protagonists of the future.

Anielka Oviedo

Being part of the Zamora Terán Foundation makes me remember my childhood, when I dreamed and played with my sibling being a teacher, just that now it’s my real profession, working with thousands of children to improve their learning processes. I enjoy being with my family, laugh with friends, listen to music, watch comedy shows, and solve puzzles.

Magda Aguirre

I want all kids in the world to hace access to quality education with an inclusive , democratic educational ecosystem, with extensive technological knowledge. I am very proud to be Nicaraguan and I love to read, write, sing, and dance.

Magdalena Hernández

I want all kids in the world to hace access to quality education with an inclusive , democratic educational ecosystem, with extensive technological knowledge. I am very proud to be Nicaraguan and I love to read, write, sing, and dance.

Yania López

I long for a quality and inclusive education, where all people regardless of social class have the same rights and opportunities within society. I am passionate about serving, teaching, accompanying and transforming the education of children, teachers, principals, and parents on the Caribbean coast.

Junieth Bello

My first dream as a child was to become a professor. My dream was fulfilled and I came to the island of Ometepe to give my all, to teach with love and quality. I’m proud of my profession. I love to learn from the people around me and that fill you up with energy.

Claudia Moreno

I am always ready to learn to bring new knowledge to all who need it. I am loving and kind. I spend my free time with my son and my family. I like to teach the boys and girls of my country with the illusion of a better future for all.

Luz Amanda Benavides

I’m always willing to continue learning and contribute the knowledge and experience acquired in the areas that are required. I like to spend quality time with my family, friends, I really enjoy painting, cultivate plants, making crafts, and visiting new places.

Félix Garrido

I am Nicaraguan with a Costa Rican passport. I have served for more than 35 years for the education of Central America from distinct fronts, renewing everyday my passion and compromise to achieve more and better educational opportunities for the children of our countries.

Douglas Cruz

I dream of educational centers that provide quality education for all children, not only in Honduras, but throughout Latin America. I am passionate about my work. I try to be very helpful and supportive as much as I can. I love working with children, singing and practicing folk dances.

Dayton José Calderón Cerna

I am from Ometepe, the first digital Island. I feel proud of making part of Fundacion Zamora Teran. I love my two children and enjoy sports in general, especially Basketball.

César Antonio Lugo Zelaya

I love being surrounded by the people who infect with passion, sentiments, and positive values. It is with them where you become a better person. I want to make part of the development of my country as I dream it as a place of progress and good.

José Omar López González

Responsibility, dynamism, amiability, and especially, the passion for learning and innovation identify me. I want to share my knowledge with others. Moreover, I believe we all can contribute to other people's lives, impact, and leave good footprints.

Jordanka Junieth Rodríguez Mora

Disponibility, compromise, and love towards childhood in the region characterize and drive me to become a better person every day. I enjoy much the exchange of experiences and ideas of transformation for a quality education that benefits all children of our beautiful Nicaragua.

Waggie Linton Ugarte Rigby, Asesor de Tecnología.

I am passionate about my labor of teaching and learning, listening to music, reading articles based on technology, walking through my city, and getting to know new places. I think the solution to poverty in a country is through education. This is why I support daily with much enthusiasm and high compromise to this great cause.

Roxana Rodríguez

The passion for what I do and the service to others are characteristics for which I identify myself. Making part of the FZT family has allowed me to fortify my purpose in life. I love spending quality time with my family and friends.

Claudio Peñalba

I am a sincere, direct, cheerful and energetic person. I believe that quality education is the best investment that a country and its inhabitants can make. I really like sports, especially soccer. My favorite team is Real Madrid. I enjoy drinking hot coffee, eating well, and spending time with family and friends.

Sofana Barreto

Passionate about communication, education and innovation, for its transforming power in the lives of people and communities. Committed to the development of our region through the generation of new quality opportunities for all through access to technology and quality learning.

Naguib Handal

Hi! I am Naguib and if there are two words that represent me, they would be “passionate crazy”. I am a Mexican with a Honduran heart who dreams of quality education for all Central American children who are in vulnerable conditions. I am a fan of Real Madrid, Chelsea and Cruz Azul, bassist and guitarist.

María Cristina Montalván

I am a cheerful, sensitive and enthusiastic young woman. I love social work because I believe that each one of us can transform the world by serving others. Working for a quality and inclusive education should be everyone's job. I am passionate about reading about nature and social leaders, dancing, eating deliciously and enjoying my family.

Mariluz Salgado

I am a Central American researcher committed to social change. I am convinced that we need scientific evidence to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable people. I love reading, singing and discovering new ideas or new ways of thinking.

Gabriela López

I am a lover of nature, and I also dream of a green world and better conditions and opportunities for the youth and children. In Nicargua and Central America there are great opportunities to improve the processes to support our educational system and that is why I enjoy working in monitoring and evaluation so much.

Transforming the region


Our history began in Nicaragua, one full of joy and learning.  For more than ten years we have worked thanks to the support of companies, cooperation agencies and hundreds of people who have generously believed and believe in our model of implementation and social change.  Thousands of Nicaraguan students and families have inspired us to take this dream to more countries and we continue to work to benefit more children in more places in the region.

Costa Rica

Our experience in Costa Rica began with the help of a brother foundation. Together we work to bring educational technology and a new model of learning to hundreds of teachers and children.  Aware of the potential that exists in the country, we decided to open our office in 2018 and start working in non-formal environments, outside the school classroom with the help of the SIFAIS foundation, expanding our experience and taking advantage of new spaces for the development of children and a integral education, beyond school.  We believe in the talent and generous spirit of its people, we are going for more!


Distance has never been a barrier to scaling our impact and transforming education.  Thanks to an Alliance with Fondo Unido and Fundación Almo, we arrived in Guatemala.  Throughout this time we have managed to benefit more than 300 children with our educational model.  Along the way, we have learned with the Guatemalan teachers and we have become enthusiastic to move forward with commitment and love for knowledge.  We know that technology can facilitate access to a better education and we are in Guatemala to work for that.


Honduras is a country where we have seen many dreams come true.  The spirit of its people has infected us to work with great courage and to be able to take our educational model to more communities throughout the country.  The solidarity of Honduran companies and the people who have supported Fundación Zamora Terán’s projects in the country make it possible for our projects to continue growing, more pertinent and necessary than ever.  We have much to do.


Collaboration and solidarity are in our dna. This is how we arrived in canal lands, to collaborate with the Panamanian Pro Childhood Association in its quest to provide the children of Panama with better educational opportunities, a desire that we share without reservation.  Coordinated work and constant communication have been key to the success of our projects in the interior of the country and have allowed us to impact the education of almost 500 children in 7 schools.  We want to reach more and we know that we can achieve it with the help of the Panamanian people and the most supportive companies in the country.

Dominican Republic

In Dominican lands we have worked with many smiles and human warmth.  Our first steps in their schools captivated us and now, from our office in Santo Domingo, we manage the work of the projects that we implement to transform the education of hundreds of Dominican girls and boys.  We believe in the talent and potential of its teachers and in the solidarity of its people, that is why we came to stay and grow together.

Transformative projects

 The support from friendly countries and companies has been enormous.  Thanks to various governments, donors and cooperation agencies, we have managed to impact the lives of thousands of children with quality education and access to technology.  Ethics have guided our steps to make efficient and responsible use of the resources that the donors have entrusted to us and that supports our commitment.  We will always be grateful to the governments, people and companies that have supported us and attentive to new opportunities to continue joining forces and working for children.