We contribute to the education of citizens of the twenty-first century. Innovative, creative, collaborative children who are managers of information with logical and critical thinking; students with an active role in their own learning and become essential support for both their teachers and their parents.


Our educational program guarantees a training process; ongoing accompaniment and pedagogical advice for benefitted teachers in order transform them into leaders of change in an innovative educational framework.


The mission of the School for Parents Program (SfP) is to empower parents as their children’s primary educators by fostering an education based on love and values.


We implement strategies aimed at developing local capacities in the communities so that different direct and indirect beneficiaries take specific actions for the successful management of the program at school and in the community.

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Support from sponsors committed to the development of the country through education is what makes this effort possible. We invite you to become part of this group of generous and visionary benefactors, so that more children can receive quality education.

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